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Day Excursions


Tokaj Wine Tour

Over the years, the name of the oldest Hungarian wine region has become synonymous with the name of its most famous product: the Tokaji Aszú. A dessert wine that has been loved and consumed by European royalty for centuries is also known as the king of wines and wine of kings. The local winemakers are doing their very best preserving this invaluable knowledge and are constantly at work to supply a growing need for the aszú. Bear with us on this day trip and find out how the winemakers of Tokaj still use an ancient technique to gather the shriveled wine grapes that are essential for making this divine nectar. Tokaj, however, produces other wines as well that should be just as famous as the aszú and the locally made charcuterie delicacies will also make you fall in love with this region.
Being only a couple of hours from Budapest, Tokaj offers a great opportunity to leave the city behind for a day and try the most famous Hungarian wines right where they are made.

Duration: 8 hrs



A visit to a traditional winery

Presentation by the winemakers
Lunch at
a Hungarian Restaurant in the countryside


Included: car transfer from the city centre and back, maps and further recommendations


Danube Bend Tour with Lunch in a Renaissance-themed Restaurant

This day excursion explores one of the most beautiful regions in Central Europe - the Danube Bend. This part of Hungary has always been a popular spot among travelers and locals alike because it features three historical wonders - the magnificent Basilica of Esztergom, the fabulous medieval heritage of Visegrád and the charming baroque town of Szentendre. 


Duration: 8 hours



Pick up and drop off at hotel,
private car and driver,
entrance tickets, 3 course lunch,
maps and further recommendations


Sissy Palace Tour with Horse Show

A tour that explores Hungary’s Habsburg heritage in Gödöllö. This charming town boasts a beautiful baroque palace that was once the spring and autumn residence of the royal couple - Franz Joseph and Sisi. Despite the fact that the building had to endure all the hardships of the 20th century, it is now among the most well-preserved palaces in the country and the only place where you can learn about the life of the Habsburgs from a personal perspective.


Lake Balaton Day Trip

Budapest might be the most popular destination in Hungary but that doesn’t mean its countryside has nothing to offer. As the years go by, more and more travelers venture out of the Hungarian capital to explore vineyards, beautiful landscapes and great food. There is, luckily, one region where you will get all three and more: Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. Not only a summer vacation spot for many locals and fellow Europeans, but also the perfect place to experience the warmth of Hungarian hospitality and immerse in the rural life far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. It’s not all culinary pleasures though - Balaton boasts some of the most ancient buildings in Hungary dating back to the early middle ages: Tihany Abbey for example, the still functioning Benedictine monastery that will allow you a peek into the lives of medieval kings & queens. 
You will also be able to visit the world famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory where some of the most beautiful pieces of porcelain is made this is also a great places to do some souvenir shopping.
On our Balaton day trip you will get to discover the highlights of this region, taste its wines and maybe even have a dip in the lake while you’re there!

Day Excursions: Our Services

Vienna Tour

Vienna has always been a paradise for the city-breakers of Budapest as the two cities are only a couple of hours away from each other. Our Budapest - Vienna day trip features the Austrian capital’s most renowned architectural wonders and cultural hot-spots. Your local guide will make sure you make the most of your short visit and you can fully immerse in Vienna’s vibrant atmosphere while you’re there.


1 - 2 passenger(s)   500 €



3 - 6 passengers  625€



7 - 19 passengers  1300€

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