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Chauffeur Service

With our Budapest Chauffeur Service you will not only have a private vehicle and driver at your disposal but we will also help you plan your schedule for the day. We might not want to do the same things when we travel but there’s one thing we can all agree on: nobody wants to waste a minute of their precious time. Our Budapest Chauffeur Service has been designed for those who prefer to see and do as much as humanly possible while they’re abroad. Be it a well-deserved city break or an important business trip, we will make sure you get to focus on the things you’re coming to Budapest for.


Professional, English speaking drivers

Comfortable and spacious vehicles

Available 24 hours a day on all seven days of the week

Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom


Generous luggage storage

Free itinerary planning

4 Hour


1 - 2 passenger(s)  100€



3 - 6 passengers  120€



7 -16 passengers  200€

8 Hours


1 - 2 passenger(s)  200€



3 - 6 passengers  240€



7 - 16 passengers  400€

Chauffeur Service
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